Holidays with The Head Nurse


Saturday, December 28th The Head Doctor introduces The Head Nurse

Sex Education is fun with The Punany Poets! In this episode of The Head Doctor Show Jessica Holter welcomes model/dancer/actress Eboni Amore and Dancer/Chorographer Classic into her playhouse for a live performance and filming of Holidays with The Head Nurse. You will enjoy this intimate energy exchange, with intoxicating body poetry and sensual conversations about love and other good stuff.  Our Public Displays of Affection will test your pride and stretch your humility to angelic levels. Come with raw hunger and we will put sweetness on your tongue. Bring your open heart, and we will fill it with love.

Seeking passion? Well... reigniting your love life is ours.


Punany in Atlanta





"Fearless" All Man Revue is A Love Offering from Black Men for the Sexual Healing of Black Women. We will touch your heart, tempt your lust and test your trust until you bust open with the knowledge of the Divine Goddess... a natural clarity that will remind you that this Black man was created for you, and there is nothing in his heart to fear. 

More Show Details:

Back by popular demand, Jessica Holter created this show is especially for women who love Black Men. This interactive show of the most erotic proportions will give you a reason to truly let your hair down. We have invited some of our best Punany players along with some incredible, vetted poetic talent from brother organizations in Atlanta to keep your mind sharp with lyrical finesse, while The Men of Punany take you on a wild ride.

TIPPING: Tipping is encouraged and allowed. Cash tips are not allowed.) You may preorder Punany Flowers for tipping at  You may tip dancers, poets, singers, and comedians whenever you laugh or feel moved. 

PHONES: Please silence and turn off all cell phones during the duration of this show. This is an interactive show:

1. We want to ensure you are present.

2. We want to be considerate of privacy.

3. You must be at least 21 Years Old and be Female to attend.



Wow! This is going to be fantastic! We look forward to entertaining you, especially as part of The Punany Poets 25th Anniversary Celebration. When you support our shows, you also support Jessica Holter's Vision to create awareness about one of our forgotten population, Foster Children. As a survivor of the Foster Care System, Jessica Holter is working on a 3 part documentary series that you can read more about at