Our Space Meetup Group presents

Jessica Holter, Brooke Jay, Red Summer & Eboni Amore in "Love Stories for Women Only"


Saturday, Feb 15th

in the DMV!


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HIP INC The producers of Secret of the Pearl and Meetup Group, Our Space, present new translations of love and lust in an all-new interactive romantic theater experience for women who love women, Love Stories, For Women Only.  Ripped from the pages of The Punany Poets' scholastically acclaimed literary series, Punany The Hip Hop Pslams, these raw stories of passion and the power of the divine feminine, will stimulate all of your senses. Love Stories is an interactive romantic comedy show starring, Punany Founder Jessica Holter with special guests, master storyteller Red Summer, and Exotic Dancing Internet Model, Eboni Amore and Interpretive Burlesque Dancer, Brooke Jay, Love Stories is a sapiosexual experience that will stimulate the body and the mind, getting your ready for an unforgettable Valentine's Night encore at home. Start planning your date now. RSVP Now by email at





Wow! This is going to be fantastic! We look forward to entertaining you, especially as part of The Punany Poets 25th Anniversary Celebration. When you support our shows, you also support Jessica Holter's Vision to create awareness about one of our forgotten population, Foster Children. As a survivor of the Foster Care System, Jessica Holter is working on a 3 part documentary series that you can read more about at